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“Repel evil with that which is better”

Islam came down as a way of life, a perfect way of life and Prophet Muhammedﷺ implemented, lived, & showed up the ways to adapt this very way.

While the world still continues to pass insulting remarks again himﷺ, we as the messengers of the message will repel this evil by that which is better, InShaAllah. 


Learn, his ﷺ way of life because Allah says, 

Say, [O Muḥammadﷺ], “If you should love Allāh, then follow me, [so] Allāh will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allāh is Forgiving and Merciful.”

—Quran 3:31


Implement, that which is called Sunnah. 

“He who obeys the Messenger has indeed obeyed Allah.” 

—al-Nisaa’ 4:80

obey Allāh and obey the Messengerﷺ

Educate, Prophet Muhammedﷺ was a mercy to the universe and the entire humanity. People seem to have forgotten this, so time to remind them. 

“This is indeed a reminder. So let anyone who wishes take the way toward his Lord”. 

(Sūrat al-Muzzammil, No 73, Āyat 19)

The path towards your Rabb is through Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and let’s remind each other of this path, for Indeed man becomes rebellious, when he considers himself without need

Quran 96:6-7
An appeal from
While we stand strong imbibing the teaching towards attaining self peace through connecting with our innate nature, we also strive harder today to make us, and everyone aware of the Man ﷺ who paved this path for us and made it easy for us to follow the very path.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is everything to us, for we strive to impersonate his way of living & character at all levels. We urge you’ll to step up and remind those who are unaware, & those who are wrongly aware.
Join in & spread awareness, not hatred!
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What makes an idea thrive?

In a world packed with abundance, an emphasis and commitment to innovation is not only what prompts growth but has now become a survival practice across any industry.

As Tim brown illustrates,

“What we need is an approach to innovation that is powerful, effective, and broadly accessible, that can be integrated into all aspects of business and society, and that individuals and teams can use to generate breakthrough ideas that are implemented and therefore have an impact”


Making progress towards innovation

It’s about an instinctive interpretation that focuses on exploring elements of the lives of those whom you seek to influence to yield an intuitive understanding of what really drives us, – what drives our experiences, our pleasures, the needs that are unmet and the difficulties that still stand up to us.

Utilise these elements in the light of your own ability to take an approach where we don’t just react but respond. Identify and recognise what shapes and informs the interest, demands, choices and decisions of the one you mean to connect with.

Gaining perspective from this can help to unearth some valuable insights which could guide you to discover an unmet need that could gain completion through your new idea.


But what really is a new idea?

Is an idea ever new? Maybe not.

It begins with exploring and tracing the wisdom from all around existing ideas and timeless evidence available across wholly diverse sectors.

Combining them with prior knowledge, instinct and intuition are the factors that support the thinking to generate new ideas.


Each one of us is different but alike in many ways, 

what connects us is what drives us.

Identifying and exploring these elements is about treading on a path where you continually look to draw experiences and insights from diverse perspectives, all in hopes to provide for something whose importance the world either overlooks or does not know it’s missing.

It could sometimes mean to integrate seemingly unrelated ideas from confusing and contradictory sources, the unending emphasis being on finding ways to relate and incorporate these insights while making your decisions, 



“The magician is the only one who cannot see the magic,

because he knows how the trick works”

Be the magician!

Create connections to develop solutions, connections that remain invisible to everyone but you. You will either discover an approach or opportunity. Identify where you can make a difference and create a solution the world did not know it needed till you came up with.

Begin with the innate passion to give something to the world it needs but doesn’t know, all in the fierce passion to improve the lives of those that surround you. Fuel that passion constantly by going to every length, chase down every possibility that speaks to your idea.

Your values can bring a lot to the table and to the world.

Use your own elements, look for it within your own self.
Look for the gap which you can fill in with not just your creative and technical ability but with your character, your values and principles.

Let your creativity brings these ideas to life, through originality, progressiveness and imagination. Keep alive through every idea the ability to reflect, refine and iterate to discover answers to the challenges that confront us all.

Relate the consideration gathered

Focus on connecting the dots to visualise and organise these interlocking set of concepts with your vision to not just create utility but to develop an overall experience that engages, endures and delights the world

So what makes an idea thrive?

Well, there is always a path that you haven’t discovered yet.
Your new breakthrough idea anticipates you across that path.

Discover your path, generate new ideas and develop new solutions to create impact—enormous or little!