Fundraising Online Lecture Series
Road Less Traveled
Architecture is a vast and multi-layered discipline, that can open up paths to various career options. There is no single “correct” way of being an architect, no straight path or formula to follow.
The ‘Road less traveled’ lecture series brings together, on a single platform, 9 professionals from different parts of the world who have been educated as architects and took a detour to walk the untrodden road, carving out unconventional career paths in related fields.
Each of them is an architect+
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Date / April 6-14, 2020
Location / Online
Cause /Fundraising for COVID-19 affected people
“The lecture series will help raise funds for various initiatives working to provide basic necessities to daily-wage workers & laborers impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown in India, UAE, Spain, New Zealand & Puerto Rico.”
#STAYhome / #creativewaysofgiving
9 days / 9 Architects / 9 PATHS
#STAYhome /
9 days /
9 Architects /